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Shining Stars at Gallexie91: Celebrating Excellence, Embracing Success

An extraordinary celebration of talent, dedication, and outstanding achievements.Gallexie91 took this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the remarkable efforts and contributions of their Channel partners, and collaborators.The entertainment segment added an element of fun and excitement to the evening.

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Celebrating Success at the Gallexie91 Investor Meet Event

An event to remember at Gallexie91 as hosted the highly anticipated Investor Meet Event! The energy was electric, the insights were invaluable, and the connections made were nothing short of remarkable.This event brought together some of the brightest minds and most seasoned investors in the industry, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome. Here's a glimpse of what made the event so special

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Fostering Growth and Prosperity in Panipat - July 23

The Panipat Investor Meet, held in the heart of this historic industrial hub, brought together visionaries, entrepreneurs, and investors, showcasing the immense potential of North India's business landscape and heralding the dawn of a promising era of growth for the city.

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A Night of Extravagance: The Grand Launch of Gallexie91 at HYATT REGENCY - Sept 2022

Gallexie91's grand launch at the prestigious HYATT REGENCY illuminated the city's skyline, symbolizing a new era of urban living, as a spectacular video presentation transported over 700 visitors into the essence of Gallexie91, leaving them filled with anticipation and wonder about the possibilities it offers

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An Evening of Opulence: Grand Opening of Gallexie91 Sales Gallery - March 23

The grand opening of Gallexie91 Sales Gallery, attended by the city's elite under a starlit sky, radiated elegance and luxury, attracting over 300 investors and channel partners to an evening filled with great food, live music, and an extraordinary ambience, now inviting the public to explore the epitome of modern urban living.

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